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Price Your House to Sell

Surefire Ways to Price Your House to Sell ASAP

You’re ready to put your house on the market but you’ve heard horrible stories about homes sitting on the market day-after-day. You keep hoping the perfect buyer will come along with a great offer. It can be frustrating! Here are some surefire tips to price your house to sell quickly!

Surefire Ways to Price Your House to Sell ASAP

Get a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis)

A CMA is what real estate agents use to conduct an in-depth look of your home’s value in today’s market. This is not an appraisal, but an analysis. Having a CMA done is a fantastic way to look for the perfect real estate agent. Ask a few agents to do a CMA on your home. Be sure to ask, “If I wanted to sell my house within 30 days, what would I list it for?” This is a surefire way to get a solid reaction for what’s happening in the current market. This also gives you the opportunity to see how each agent works and if they a good fit for you. Most of the time the agent with the lowest list price is the accurate one.

Get an Agent

After you get your CMA completed, choose the real estate agent you felt worked for you, not against you! Agents can save you both time and money. They know the local market and will review comparable sales to help you set a realistic price. This is their specialty and while yes, they will make commission from the sale of your home, they do have your best interest to price it perfectly.

Walk in the Buyer’s Shoes

Think like a buyer, instead of a seller. Shop around online and look for homes comparable to yours. If you have three bedrooms, two bathrooms, finished basement, and backyard make sure the homes your browsing online also have the same. Do not include homes that don’t have the same features your home does because that could make all the difference in pricing!

Don’t Get Creative in Pricing

Drawing attention to your home is wonderful, but not with creative pricing! Let’s say your home is listed for $217,000. That looks like a simple number. Some seller’s might try to get creative and use a listing price of $217,222. Buyer’s might look that number and wonder, “Why such an odd price? There must be something wrong with this house.” Well, thanks to the ‘creative’ pricing, you could lose a potential buyer that easy! Stick with simple!

Pricing: It’s an Ongoing Topic

It’s your agents job to know pricing strategy. Be ready to have an ongoing discussion about pricing while your home is listed on the market. Things can change so quickly in today’s market and new information appears rapidly, therefore, be flexible and ready so you will more than likely get the best price with the least hassle.

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