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the best moving checklist ever

Download The Best Moving Checklist Ever

When you make that decision to buy a house, the clock starts ticking instantly.  There is no need to feel overwhelmed because we have a free downloadable moving checklist to help ease your stress. (Keep scrolling to get the PDF).  Our moving list will make tackling accomplishments a piece of cake.

There are five different stages of checklists to help break down tasks even further. Tasks that need to be done further from moving day may not seem so important right now, but it will save you time and hassle the closer moving day arrives.

How to use the Best Moving Checklist Ever

The Best Moving Checklist Ever

60 Days Out

The 60 days before moving day period is where you need to start for strategically planning your move.

30 Days Out

At 30 days, you will want to touch base with things you started previously, along with adding in more detailed task.

14 Days Out

When you get to 14 days before the move, you’re probably thinking “where did the time go?”

Follow up with previous tasks.

You may find some tasks you didn’t think of originally. Jot these down in the notes section.

One week before moving day

Getting down to the wire as one week before the move approaches. Sometimes this can be the most stressful time, but with organization and our handy checklist you will be fine. Everything is falling into place and moving right along.

Moving Day

The time has finally come – it’s moving day! There may be some bumps here and there,  but by using the checklist as a guideline you’ll be done before you know it!

With the help of this list and the guidance of our expert realtor team, you can bet you will have the best move ever!


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