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reasons to sell your home during the holidays

5 Reasons to Sell Your Home During the Holidays

Sounds crazy, right? Real Estate experts say that the holidays are a surprisingly great time to sell. A lot of home sellers don’t think about all the benefits of selling their homes during the holidays. It’s often thought of as a dead period for real estate transactions.

Reasons to sell your home during the holidays

Less Competition

Many sellers take their homes off the market during the holidays, which gives you an upper hand. There won’t be as many buyers in the market, but those who are will be serious. They will appreciate a home that is competitively priced to sell and in the highest quality condition for showing. With the internet, most buyers will start here. Make a good first impression by offering lots of flattering, high-quality photographs of your home. Making a video tour of your home could attract potential buyers that cannot travel at that time or don’t want to drive in possible bad weather.

Motivated Buyers

If buyers are looking to buy during the holidays, they are serious. January is often a time when people start new jobs or transfer to different locations, so they need a house ASAP. This means they can’t wait months to buy, so you need to be on the market so you can capture the buyer during the final months of the year. Or perhaps investors are searching to buy for tax reasons. During the holidays, people are more cheerful, hence a quicker and smoother buying experience!

Warm Holiday Feel

The holidays just make everything feel warm and cozy! So still put up your Christmas tree. Make your home feel homey to potential buyers. This will allow them to see their family living there. Don’t go overboard! Keep the decorations simple and cheerful. When you have a showing, turning up the heat to create a cozy atmosphere and serve ‘comfort’ treats. When you encourage buyers to spend more time in your home, they are going to see all the great features your home offers.

No Yard/Outside Maintenance

Since it’s the winter months, there is no yard work to keep up with. Just work in the fall to make sure the yard, landscaping, gutters and exterior of your home look top-notch. A bonus for you! You won’t have to touch it through the entire time of your home being listed. Of course, if you have snow, don’t forget to clear the sidewalks for safety reasons.

Great Deal For You

If you need to buy a home once yours sells, you’ll have less competition out there also. This may give you bargaining room to get a great deal on the other end.

Just because it’s the holidays, does not make a bad time to sell! Remember to enjoy the holidays with your family as well. Though you need to keep your home open for showings, let your agent know that you want don’t want to schedule showing on the actual holiday.

Happy selling!

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